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Serene Bridle Black


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The Serene Bridle was specially designed to relieve your horse from any pressure that may be caused by the bridle. With our new design, we allow the horse to feel totally comfortable and free.


Our poll piece is designed to allow your horse to move their ears freely with no restriction and is one of the signature elements of the bridle. The mid strap can be adjusted to position the angle away from the ears if your horse is a bit more sensitive. The anatomical shaping of the headpiece ensures that there is no uncomfortable pressure on your horses poll area.


The nose piece is still based on the traditional flash noseband but by widening the space of the flash area and adding a lot of additional padding, it will decrease pressure over your horse's nose significantly. The design around the noseband straps curves around the bit area to avoid any pinching or rubbing.


The browband is made with extra padding and the curve not only looks beautiful but is shaped to form around the horse's eyes and TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint). 


This bridle comes with rubber reins.


Our main objective was to design a bridle with the horse's comfort as our first priority.


Especially recommended for horses that are:

  • Young and sensitive to pressure
  • Forward going or strong
  • Resistant to the bit
  • Busy with their head while working
  • Sensitive with bits or around their jaw area
  • Sensitive around their ears & poll area